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Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Minting

In mapping semi-structured data and structured data into Linked Open Data (LOD), a number of new entities representing events, activities, and other containers for data are generated during data conversion and ingested. To avoid using blank nodes, new Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) need to be minted to represent these new entities and to allow the building of complex new relationships between entities represented by URIs from commonly used namespaces.


  • In the AdArchive Dataset: The following URI, minted by LINCS, is a crm:E33_Linguistic_Object entity referencing text on an advertisement for Women’s Studies International Quarterly.


  • University of Saskatchewan Art Gallery: The following URI, minted by LINCS, has the label of “buff writing paper,” used to form a materials statement for University of Saskatchewan Object 1985.007.079.


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