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Classing is declaring an entity to be an instance of a class using rdf:type within the chosen ontology for the dataset. Declaring an entity’s class assigns that entity potential properties that take that class as their domain or range, as well as declaring in broad terms what that type of “thing” that entity is. Classing structures entities and should not be confused with typing.


  • In the AdArchive Dataset: In the following TTL snippet, wikidata:Q8030842, the Women’s Caucus for Art, is classed as an E74_Group, under the following definition provided by CIDOC CRM: “This class comprises any gatherings or organizations of human individuals or groups that act collectively or in a similar way due to any form of unifying relationship.” Because this entity is classed as a E74_Group, it can then be assigned a current or former residence using the property P74, with the entity acting as the domain and the location as the range. Likewise, it is the range of a relationship built with the P95i property. This property links formation events with groups, with the former acting as the domain and the latter the range.
wikidata:Q8030842 a crm:E74_Group ;
rdfs:label "Women's Caucus for Art"@en ;
crm:P2_has_type wikidata:Q15911314 ;
crm:P74_has_current_or_former_residence lincs:y0cAxtVpahj ;
crm:P95i_was_formed_by lincs:HKa2CAjHuYd .

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