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Structured Data

Structured Data is data that takes the form of spreadsheets (e.g., CSV, TSV, XSL, XSLX), relational databases, JSON files, RDF files, and XML files.

At LINCS, we count data as structured if the entities are all tagged individually (e.g., one entity per spreadsheet cell or XML element) and the entities are connected, either in a hierarchical way (e.g., nested XML elements) or with relationships between entities expressed following some clearly-defined schema and data structure (e.g., spreadsheet headings relating columns of entities together).


CCEA-L1995.63Bamboo FluteEdmonton
CCEA1995.21Pair of Taiko DrumsShinano
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="">
<ObjectTitle>Portrait of Thomas Copland</ObjectTitle>
<ArtistName url="">Victor Albert Long</ArtistName>
<Medium url="">oil paint</Medium>
<Category url="">painting</Category>
<ArtistName url="">Lori Blondeau</ArtistName>
<Medium url="">inkjet print</Medium>
<Category url="">Photograph</Category>