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NoSQL Database

NoSQL databases refer to databases that provide storage of data that is modeled in a way that is different to the tabular relations used in relational databases. The “No” part of the term is best understood to mean “not only” as opposed to none at all. NoSQL databases may support structured, relational data and SQL-like query languages, but they are not bound to only this method. NoSQL databases are used for Big Data and as such are designed to be fast and scalable.

There are four major types of NoSQL databases:

  1. Document databases: data is stored in “documents” similar to JSON
  2. Key-value stores: data values are accessed by keys
  3. Wide-column stores: data is stored in columns like a two-dimensional key-value store
  4. Graph databases: data is stored in nodes, edges, and properties
Relational DatabaseNoSQL Database
Low flexibility, high structureHigh flexibility, low structure
Effective for data storage on a single serverDesigned for use across distributed systems
Single query language: SQLQuery language specific to product


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