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Vocabulary Browser

The Vocabulary Browser uses Skosmos an open-source, web-based browser that allows you to access and share LINCS vocabularies that have been declared with the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS).

Vocabulary Browser and LINCS

LINCS uses the Vocabulary Browser to document and display its vocabularies. You can use the tool to browse LINCS vocabulary terms alphabetically, hierarchically, and by special groups.

Vocabularies are used to add detail to Linked Open Data (LOD). LINCS encourages data contributors to make use of existing vocabularies where possible, while also recognizing the benefits of creating new, domain-specific vocabularies.


For an overview of vocabularies and how they are used at LINCS, see our introduction to vocabularies. For more information about creating a vocabulary as part of the data conversion workflow, see our documentation on conversion workflows.


Users of the Vocabulary Browser:

  • Do not need to come with their own dataset
  • Do not need to create a user account
  • Do not need to have technical knowledge

The Vocabulary Browser supports the following inputs and outputs:

  • Input: NA
  • Output: Various RDF formats


To learn more about the Vocabulary Browser, see the following resources:

Information about the team that developed the Vocabulary Browser is available on the Tool Credits page.