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LEAF-Writer is a web-based editor that allows you to mark up documents using a combination of Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Resource Description Framework (RDF). LEAF-Writer’s simple interface makes it ideal for those who are new to Linked Open Data (LOD) and reconciliation.

LEAF-Writer and LINCS

LEAF-Writer supports the editing of XML documents and lets you look up and assign identifiers to named entities (persons, organizations, places, or titles) from a range of authorities.

LEAF-Writer is used to edit and annotate XML documents that are stored either locally or in remote storage, such as the LEAF Islandora 2.0 repository, GitHub, or GitLab. Annotations created with LEAF-Writer can be stored in the annotation database via LINCS-API annotation containers and pushed to the LINCS triplestore.


Users of LEAF-Writer:

  • Do not need to come with their own dataset
    • LEAF-Writer has four templates that users can use to explore the tool: Blank, Letter, Poem, and Prose.
  • Need to create a GitLab or GitHub account
  • Need a basic understanding of XML, RDF, and reconciliation

LEAF-Writer supports the following inputs and outputs:

  • Input: XML
  • Output: XML, HTML

Information about the team that developed LEAF Writer is available on the Tool Credits page.