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Authority Service

The Authority Service is a reconciliation service that can be used from within OpenRefine to reconcile entities in your data against entities in the LINCS Knowledge Graph (KG).

The Authority Service can also be used as an entity linking Application Programming Interface (API) outside of the context of OpenRefine. For example, the Context Explorer calls on the service. See our API documentation for details.

Authority Service and LINCS

The Authority Service is useful if you want to:


Users of the Authority Service:

  • Do not need to create a user account
  • Need to come with their own dataset
  • Need a basic understanding of reconciliation and data cleaning
  • Need an understanding of how to use an API if using the service outside of OpenRefine

The Authority Service supports the following information as inputs and outputs:

  • Input: The name or identifier of an entity in your data
  • Output: Possible matches for or context about your entity

The format of the input and output will depend on if you access the Authority Service as an API or through a tool like OpenRefine.

Information about the team that developed the Authority Service is available on the Tool Credits page.