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Map Data

There are two steps involved in mapping your data:

First, you will work with LINCS to develop conceptual mapping. Every incoming dataset starts with a unique structure and use of terms. To get all of this unique data to connect as Linked Open Data (LOD), each dataset needs to use the same ontology. In this step, LINCS develops a mapping that basically gives us instructions on how each relationship in the original data should look as Resource Description Framework (RDF) triples. LINCS has adopted CIDOC CRM as its base ontology. CIDOC CRM can be tailored to a specific dataset using existing CIDOC CRM extensions or domain specific vocabularies. LINCS’s use of CIDOC CRM is documented in the LINCS application profile, with project specific conversion details available in the project application profiles. For more information, see our ontology documentation.

Then it's time to implement the conceptual mapping. This is when we finally convert your data from its original structure and ontology into LINCS RDF.